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Judith Norman celebrates Eloise Kubli

Eloise Kubli

For Eloise Kubli spectacular design is directly linked to the environment.

“What is the setting?” she asked. “Is it a rustic home in North Carolina? Is it an oceanfront home in South Florida or a mansion in Scottsdale, Arizona? You have to start from the aesthetic of the place you’re at.”

Kubli was born into aesthetics. She grew up in her grandmother’s majestically appointed home in Pittsburgh filled with meticulously crafted pieces from around the globe, including some brought back by her aunt in the U.S. Navy from places like Japan and Spain. She was surrounded by museums and her grandmother, a beloved seamstress, was a focal point of the community who enjoyed a constant stream of visitors.

“I always understood that people felt better in a beautiful home and that always resonated with me,” she said.

After attending a private art school she soon decamped for South Florida where she launched an interior design practice that she has now run with her husband for nearly four decades. At the core of it all is relationships, especially with Judith Norman, who she lauded not only for its attentive, personalized customer service but also for its showroom that gives clients the ability to feel and touch livable art and help create their perfect home.

In all that time Kubli has seen plenty of change. In the 1980s it was all clean, contemporary lines which have now reappeared, but with neutral tones accented by pops of color. While her personal style leans toward something similar, her passion for design knows no bounds and her true joy is overdelivering for a client and creating a long lasting relationship.

“I love listening to people and solving their problems,” she said. “It starts, most importantly, with a sensitive ear.”

Judith Norman celebrates Eloise’s style and talents.

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